The Creative Thinking Edge

A Strategy Workshop for Entrepreneurs 

Align Your Creative Thinking Style and Grow Your Business 

  • Do you want to be more deliberate in the way you create and offer new products and services to your customers? 

  • Are you effectively using your creative thinking style and leveraging your team's thinking preferences to effectively solve marketing and operation challenges? 

  • Is your team aligned in the way they collaborate?

  • Can you anticipate the problem-solving behaviors and needs of many of your coworkers, vendors, contractors, and customers?

The creative process of innovators is inherently messy and chaotic. The Creative Thinking Edge can help you better manage your resources, guard against failure, and shorten the distance between ideas and outcomes so that you can ultimately grow your business.

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Program Structure

Participants will understand their approach to creativity and problem-solving and apply their learnings to manage their key partnerships, activities, and resources.


Each participant will

  • Learn how to get a clear understanding of the right problem to solve and manage tasks or problems effectively

  • Select the best tools to improve your creativity 

  • Develop the ability to create a workable solution

  • Develop products or service to Increase customer value

  • Learn how to create a Business Model Canvas for their business


Workshop Details

  • Format: Live Online via Zoom

  • Duration: Two 90 minuite workshops

  • Cost: $275 per person

  • Contact us for the next workshop dates.



I enjoyed the workshop because it helped identify my strength and weakness in the creative thinking process. It’s was accurate and encouraged me to tackle a professional goal I’ve been procrastinating on."

–Tamika F.,CA

"This workshop was beneficial to me because it confirmed my way of thinking, both pros and cons. It also allowed me to see a different perspective of how others may think (co-workers or family). I would highly recommend this workshop for any professional team, business, church, or family. It gives you a different perspective on how you think of yourself, and you'll respect how others think. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this great opportunity.” 

–Tiffany A.,VA

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